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About ZP Theart

Born and bred in South Africa, ZP started his first band in the mid nineties. Gigging around in a country with a small metal community at that time was just not enough. His aspiration was always to be in a world-touring band and for that to happen he had to spread his wings and leave his homeland for pastures greener. In 1998 he packed his bags and moved to London and in 1999 he co-founded UK Power Metal band Dragonforce.

In the 10 years that followed ZP experienced what it was like being in a high profile international rock band. During this time he recorded 4 studio albums, several music videos, 1 live album and completed no less than 4 world tours. Having one of their songs ‘Through The Fire and Flames’ feature on the now infamous Guitar Hero 3 video game saw the band’s popularity rise to new heights, where America became a big market, as well as South East Asia. Thanks to the digital era ‘Through The Fire and Flames’ as a single went Gold in USA and Canada. To date the video for this song has amassed over an incredible 60 million views on Youtube alone. The sale of Dragonforce’s third album ‘Inhuman Rampage’ also saw them receive an award for over 60K copies sold in the UK alone. During his involvement with Dragonforce, ZP toured with some of the biggest names in rock including Rob Halford, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Disturbed, Slipknot and System of a Down to name but a few of which some were during the infamous Ozzfest and Mayhem Festivals in the USA. They also had 3 main stage appearances at Download Festival performing to audiences of up to 85,000 people, as well as numerous sold out UK and USA tours, and several runs to South East Asia including Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. His singing talents with Dragonforce saw him nominated for a Grammy in 2008, unfortunately losing out to Metallica.
2010 saw ZP parting ways with Dragonforce and taking a year off to consider the next move in his musical career.

I AM I 2012 - Present
In 2012 ZP announced newly formed musical project ‘I AM I’ and on May 26th they released their debut album ‘Event Horizon’ to worldwide acclaim. This was also just one day before their debut show at the Birmingham O2, UK. Due to the tepid climate of the Music industry ZP set up his own record label ZeePeeTee to release their debut album. Through the label ZP managed to make ‘I AM I’ the first ever metal band to release an album solely on USB, which was the talk of the industry at the time of it’s release. 2012 also saw I AM I release their first video for single ‘Silent Genocide’ and for a brand new band garnered over 200,000 views in just over a year. In November of the same year the band also released an exceptional cover version of the 80’s smash hit ‘You’re The Voice’ by John Farnham. This really shook up the industry skeptics, as it was an unexpected release that saw ZP being compared to some of the world’s greatest singers.
Come 2013, the band released their third single and second music video for the song ‘See You Again’, which has reached nearly 60,000 views in just over 3 months.
I AM I, in the first year of being formed played Download Festival, Bloodstock, Hard Rock Hell and several headline shows as part of a UK tour up and down the country and also in Europe. Included in these, they were also main support to Skid Row and Ugly Kid Joe on their individual UK tours. I AM I is currently getting prepared for the release of their much anticipated EP entitled ‘Age of Anarchy’

TANK 2013 – Present
During a night out in London in late 2012, ZP was approached by Cliff Evans – guitarist of TANK and asked if he would mind standing in for a show, as Doogie White, their current singer was going on tour with Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock. One beer later all was a goodun, and three years and many beers later ZP is still gigging with TANK. 2014/15 saw him co-write and record on TANK’s 10th studio album ‘Valley of Tears’. Released at the end of 2015 the album garnered huge acclaim in the metal community with rave reviews from around the globe. TANK is currently writing on their next release.

In December 2013 the Music Director for the infamous ‘League of Legends’ online game approached ZP and informed him that the ‘League of Legends’ metal band PENTAKILL was to release an album, and whether he was interested in laying down some tracks as the voice of ‘PENTAKILL KARTHUS’. Needless to say the answer was an overwhelming “YES” and later that year ‘Smite and Ignite’ was released as a free gift to the 60-70 million monthly online players of the game ‘League of Legends’. ZP took control of vocal duties for two of the albums tracks, ‘Deathfire Grasp’ and ‘Last Whisper’.

SKID ROW 2016 – Present
In January 2016 ZP got a call from Rachel Bolan – Bassist of SKID ROW, and was asked to fill in for an upcoming show in 2 weeks time. Only headlining an Arena with 6000 people, no big deal… Being a long time fan it was an immediate “YES”! What started out with a one-show baptism of fire has now passed the 20 mark and counting!

With over 15 years of serious performing behind him, ZP is an absolute must see live. He epitomizes everything a real rock front man should be and performs honestly and effortlessly. If you want a real rock show with a front man who has no boundaries, endless amounts of energy and you don’t mind a swear word or two, then he’s definitely worth watching!

What In The World Is Better Than Rock & Roll?

To Hear And Not Listen, And To See And Not Perceive, Is The Downfall Of All!



A Collection Of Albums Which I Have Been Involved In...

  • … and Theart’s vocals soaring over it all.
    Shit, this man can sing.

    The Moshville Times
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  • … he knows how to grab a room tightly by the balls
    and not let go that’s for sure.

    Metal Mouth
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  •  ZP is an excellent frontman, as well as having a stonking voice there is an undeniable sense of camaraderie between the singer and his audience.

    Bring the Noise




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A few videos I had the opportunity to stick my face in!


‘Valley of Tears’ – The second official video and also title track for the 2015 TANK release ‘Valley of Tears’

‘Make a Little Time’ – The first official video from the 2015 TANK release ‘Valley of Tears’

‘See You Again’ – Official video for the single released by I AM I in 2013

‘Silent Genocide’ – Official video for the first single released by I AM I for the debut album ‘Event Horizon’ 2012

‘Heroes of Our Time’ – The 51st Grammy Awards nominated performance and opening track of the chart topping 2008 album ‘Ultra Beatdown’. Top 20 national album charts in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and the Top 10 in Japan.

‘Last Journey Home’ – Retro ‘Grand Theft Auto’ inspired video game meets modern day metal. From the 2008 album ‘Ultra Beatdown’

‘Operation Ground and Pound’ – From the 2006 album ‘Inhuman Rampage’

‘Through the Fire and Flames’ – The US and Canada Gold single from the the Third album ‘Inhuman Rampage’ released 2006




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